Dr Frances Cress Welsing-Black Mental Health

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Zu Byerly says:

Jewish people are always mindful of antisemitism towards them, and teach their children about it. They have religious holidays commemorating past massacres and wrong doings. Why in the world would Black people ever think white supremacy is over, when our boys, teenagers, and men are a target of police killings and our rights as taxpaying citizens are thwarted and/or ignored? Most of us don’t even have a last name that reflects our ancestors, when DNA testing is available!


This GORGEOUS QUEEN Mother will always be a truth wisdom of knowledge and Love inside my Soul.

Doctor Reno says:

She fits the pattern pretty close, 'cause most people in "mental [sic] health" don't have any.

Brooklyn Brawler says:

I luv this Woman. Wish most Wemen of Color were like her

Massa Wilson says:

Nigra mental health can be safeguarded by encouraging them to, metaphorically of course, only pick the cotton they've been instructed to pick.  Filling their fertile imaginations with these wild fantasies of "equality" with the White Man does more harm to the Nigra than anything.  

Have compassion!!!!!

rooblee says:

Are you with me ?

collj86 says:

Mah be

I think you're onto something. I have a theory. Youtube was created by a couple of Jewish kids in New York.

I think they manipulated the video. I think there scared they might becoming extinct.

So they decided to manipulate the video to opress black people.

Baja Project says:

If you where a white person how would you feel hearing this explanation to the world your people have made now knowing you are way out numbered an constantly on the brick of extinction and time is running out? Why not you think money and religion was invented?

Melissa Johnson says:

love it!! the most powering words come from our……mothers but we didn't LISTEN thanks mom! El juan Fields      EASTORANG NJ.. Sandwiches kitchen

Crystal Fowler says:

She gets into the psychology FORREAL!

Savear says:

This woman changed my life

Mah Be says:

What's up with skipping through her important points? A few times this video skips forward just as Dr.Welsing is getting ready 2 hit her point home!!
This is the 2nd video that I've tried 2 watch that does the skipping thing—what is it that someone doesn't want us 2 hear?

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