Delbert Blair “Bloodline of the Gods”

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Delbert Blair explains how our bloodline is cosmic.


The Truth says:

The devil has been busy trying to wipe out the bloodline of the God's by infecting them on purpose with parasites. She knows she is the devil too, that is why she/he tranny piece of shit is terrified of them. Her fear because she is inferior and knows it, causes her to seek out these individuals to destroy their families, friends, health, and basically everything associated with them while claiming to others that it is the same as them. Insane isn't it. What a troublesome parasite the devil really is. It destroys from within, that is why the True God would never open the door to it.

jwesson30 says:

I loved this guy! He is missed…

Claudio Saldivia says:

I really agree with that he has been talking just man has never been on the moon the moon is translucent you can see even the stars true the moon it's more like an hologram ir something that is far away beyond from our compression. . look at crow 77 videos about the moon even waves in the moon …. seems like they prepare us for tell us that aliens coming from another planet…. maby they already living in this planet meaning plane or dimensions. …

JeSuisMelBell says:

Thank you brother for this stepping stone. May your spirit stay to help rid the Earth of this soul-less evil. And if you left COME BACK! A.S.E.E.

Ellen Linde says:

can he cut the bullshit? my god—–

Erin Van Zante says:

Anyone interested, should read the Articles of Capitulation, by George Washington. His laws would have protected us (them, we are them) but were altered.

Erin Van Zante says:

Polio is back!

Anti Mahdi says:

no wonder DR is black.

Jay Jay says:

if I was a beginner I'd be impressed but this is total bs to anyone knowing anything

Ali Baba Heru says:

Nupuqi Om-Re Khonectics is your guide

Lone Wolf says:

Black people never had the blood of the Gods.

Delano Omar says:

the black chick has a nice voice…very sexy

Joey Gee says:

So real. I had seen Dr. Blair at Nicolas on Fulton Street Brooklyn in June. I was at Coney Island on Oct. where me and few people was looking up at the winter sun. While we where sky searching. There was a dot looking at us on the concerted by the sand near the bath house. It stayed there just as long as we where staring at it. We turntable around and started to walk away. Funny. peace hotep.

Ree Bee says:

So did the prophecy of alignment come to pass? this is from 1995.

Shay Shay says:

we r all bless,4 the love of higher consciousness u given us! (much love)2 u doc!

damiontaylor54 says:

when a person …especially 1 of ours Really gives a Fuck and cant be expendible or bought they Get rid of Em… Do u Really think the late Harold Washington really died of a Heart Attack?….dont believe everything u hear or Read….the proof isnt always Subtle or Subliminal…….

damiontaylor54 says:

Ms Sankofa
truth is The Elite killed him…poisoned his son and Wife…..i believed his Wife survived……The Creator sends us Many Mannas or Teachers.._Messengers….i wont get into Semantics but Many of our people who exposed the truth and were able 2 educate..elevate and reveal the truth unto our people have been silenced……Why…..ill tell u Its a conquest..they only know more about us because they stole our history..replaced it with lies and myths….HEAVY IS THE HEAD THAT WEARS THE CROWN SO ITS UP 2 THOSE FEW US US WHO KNOW TO ENLIGHTEN…..AND GUIDE THE BLIND…DEAF AND DUMB OUT OF DARKNESS….

Michael Speaks says:

Amen! 100% truth.. This is the time of enlightenment from the Most High!!

Jamie Palmer says:

all these muslims

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