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Ramona Mouton says:

I feel a lot of the times that black men are the better parent.

cravingsweets says:

black men will praise and give light to anyone that speaks against black women, period, but I've never heard a black woman blame white men, white women, or black men, not even slavery itself for her lack there of, nor for holding her back. Yes indeed black women have their share in the problems that plagues our community and we as black women have never denied that. Black men want control, domination, rulership, ownership, over black women period.

The League of DADS Talk Radio says:

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John Love says:

Truth …

IBMOROnemanarmyagainstracism Conscioushumanfreedom says:

thank you..great video Brother King…Chris..thank you……

Reginald Jeanmarie says:

Sister Shahrazad Ali is a national treasure. I am proud of this sister's courage, intellect, decency and exquisitely feminine regal bearing. Sister Ali disposes of a powerfully analytical mind and sufficient forbearance to withstand then conquer subordinate intellects such as Mr. Geraldo Rivera's. Sister Ali is a master teacher: black men and women alike would do well to listen to and adopt her values, perspective and principles of gender relationship. It may be a long time before our community produces another voice as gifted as Sister Shahrazad Ali.

black eskimo says:

I remember that episode back in april 1990 she was on Phil Donihue too

Daniel Brunson Gung Fu Vegan says:

Thank you for this video Christopher Smith I love sister Shahrazad Ali she speaks the truth .

Matt Madison says:

There's much more asian/black hostility than in the past I think.
A lot of it is due to Asian economic advancement and business ownership in poorer communities. Different cultural norms also.

It seems like if we all separated like in the past we might have peace and respect one another, because we won't view one another as competition.

I'll just be real- most asians don't view blacks as human deep down. They are only an economic stepping stone on their way to the middle class.

Really and truly blacks don't benefit at all from our presence. We are just using and discarding them. On the flip side, because our culture is so passive and authoritarian we make easy targets for black criminals.

Joyce Lincoln says:

That's right! They always want to compare us with other races!!! Me personally– I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE OTHER RACES!! I CARE ABOUT US!!

TheFirefox8192 says:

can you explain the difference between Admistrative and Judicial proceedings

Ray Dupas says:

Haven't read any of hear books but definitely admire her mind on knowledge. She's beautiful and has a lot of FOI belief which touched base with Islam who belief ( seems) to put tighter restrictions on women. We witnessed it in Afghanistan. They had to cover they're faces in public. In the movie Malcolm X when he tells Bettie do not raise her voice in his house and she calms. I know we brothers would like it like this but no we kept telling our women that they're strong black women. Now we deal her strength instead of her beauty. I bet u tell her she's beautiful and she'll act like beauty pose to conduct itself. Just like Mrs. Shahrazad. Tell her she strong and she becomes strength. A beautiful woman like her should always be told she's beautiful and we be the strength. Not the black women fault but the man for listening to the other man about his own woman.

StylistecS says:

This episode in here on YouTube for anyone to watch. But the one with Phil Donahue is even better. She was really on fire on that one.

KareemNewby says:

What's the name of that book??.

. I sent you a email but my Google account was full …I'm sending the email through another Gmail account.,

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