[Live] Dr Welsing – Black Life Is Unworthy in ‘white society’

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Dr. Frances Cress Welsing makes her 19th visit to The Context of White Supremacy. The third generation physician, general and child psychiatrist, and author of The Isis Papers: The Keys To The Colors, will offer her views on the trifling seventeen month Sanford, Florida saga. Dr. Welsing’s theory suggests that Trayvon Martin – any and all black people – must be disposable, unworthy of life, sympathy, or Justice. We’ll get her thoughts on President Obama’s historic comments on Goerge Zimmerman’s acquittal, and the malicious treatment Rachel Jeantel has been subjected to. We’ll also get her input on “corrupt black politicians” and former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner. Earlier this year, Gus asked Dr. Welsing if it would be an act of black self respect to inform the authorities of Dorner’s whereabouts. She said she would have to think; we’ll see what her brain computer has concluded over the past five months. [The C.O.W.S. archives: http://tiny.cc/76f6p] CALL IN NUMBER: 760.569.7676 CODE 564943# SKYPE: FREECONFERENCECALLHD.7676 CODE 564943# Invest in The COWS – http://tiny.cc/ledjb

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tenolamacintosh says:

That caller was so frustratingly inadequate.

Brother John's says:

dr.frances cress welsing will be missed, think yah for her and technology to hear her teachings as if she were still with us.

Divine lounge 7 says:

rip Mrs.Frances Welsing. Pure Facts.

amenra bey says:

I truly cannot get enough of listening to the Queen Mother of wisdom Dr. Francis C. Welsing who will surely be missed may PBUH a true Prophet!!!

Zu Byerly says:

Brilliant point to stop celebrating holidays with unnecessary consumerism..

Mic Lol says:

So much wisdom, but I was confused why the first caller was granted so much time?

Elvis Williams says:

Another thing about the marijuana issue is the high expense of processing it from seed to finish product. Fertilizing, providing adequate irrigation systems, proper lighting etc., are vital to growing quality product that would be sufficient enough for the government to approve of it for consumer consumption. The average "drug dealer" will not be able to convert his small time operation into a money making venture even if he did secure proper licensing. So, the average black guy will not be able to take advantage of selling marijuana even though one would think legalizing it would be a great opportunity for the black community. That means, once again, white folk will hijack this market from blacks. It would be whites who would have access to more start up money. It would be they who would become millionaires from the legalization of this plant, not blacks. Just like barbecue, sea foods, weaves, blacks will not be able to secure capitalization or loans from banks to become successful business persons within their own communities with items of which they historically identify with the most.

Dori Ahern says:

I commend this woman for such rational common sense description of what is going on in our world.  Peace be upon her.  She should be all over the news but I'm not surprised that she's not.  To think that psychiatrists, don't as a rule address racism, when treating black and/or white people, is a shocking example of malpractice

The BlaKseed says:

TheGoddess feat DR Francis Welsing & DR Julia Hare https://soundcloud.com/dawuudsappeal/the-blakseed-thegoddess

openfist247 says:

I do NOT trust the legalization of marijuana! Dr. Cress-Welsing hit the nail on the head.   I grew up around A LOT of weed smokers.  That stuff literally kills memory, concentration, focus.  It makes you STUPID.  It should only be for medical use PERIOD, to treat people in end-stages of diseases and are in extreme pain.  Not only does it make you sterile, and obese, it weakens your lungs and erodes your intuition.   Plus, lots of times you don't know what else is being put in it.  I can't get a contact high from you smoking cigarettes or drinking a beer, but, I have seen people end up in the psyche ward because of second-hand weed smoke because the weed had something else in it.   The people who blindly trust this pro-weed push are stupid.  I don't care how many white people smoke it, don't you let it touch your lips!  If you insist and want to be hard-head, you damn sure had better grow it yourself and only smoke it when nobody else is around.  If it's legal and you smoke it around me, I ain't associating with you anymore.  

amenra bey says:

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing always speaks the truth. Understanding racism and white supremacy the better off we would be, beautifully done!!

wisedomee says:

Its time to boycott , no more spending money on their pagan holidaze eg''Christmas.Easter.Thanksgiving Holloween July4 etc they celebrate dont doit which all not biblical any ways, also gave up that white Jesus Christ and Christianity which was created by the Romans 325ce the bible is a black history book keep it  OUR SAVOR HE IS BLACK AND HIS NAME IS YAHOSHUA. keep the laws and commandments and get bless

SoulEducation says:

The burden should be on Whites to end this system of racism/White supremacy. Blacks are damned if we do and damned if we don't. On one end, Whites will say "why can't you be better parents?" "Why can't you Blacks get yourselves together, blah, blah, blah!" On the other hand, when Blacks in history have developed societies that were self sustaining, they were burned and pillaged by the Whites!! Even when Black people talk about segregating, Whites get up in arms and start talking about we don't need to be separate. It's as if Whites always have to feel the need to have Blacks under their thumb, monitoring, under the microscope for whatever reason. It's like Whites just have to be the Black peoples "Daddy" It's a constant struggle in this system of racism/White supremacy. I have NEVER heard not one White person say to ANY Black person when talking about segregating "Black people, yes, do your thing! How can help you? What can we do to help with your cause?" NEVER!!!! Whites don't want to look in the mirror and actually say they are afraid of being annihilated.

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