Friends Today we are going to show the start up concept of earning huge income with the minimum investment of Rs 3-5 lacs .There is huge scope of earning through 99sublimation where entrepreneurs are made [More]
Detroit has produced some of the hottest young black entrepreneurs. Shonta Mckinney has founded and created her hair growth product line at the age of 18 and has reinvented herself as a consultant for all [More]
If you want to get to the juicy stuff you skip to about 3 minutes in. Anyway ya its been super stressful i legit have a headache as i type this right now (if you [More]
The C.O.W.S.’ Guest and Author of The Controversial 1978 work , “The Iceman’s Inheritance” explains the term ‘caucasian’ and its relation to the Caucasus Mountains.. -Mixed Audio Produced by S-One of Codified Creations- *All mixed [More]
The last recorded speech by the late great Master Teacher Ishakamusa Barashango
Neely Fuller Jr explaining how the individual must formulate a code that works for them each and every time. Do’s and don’ts. Visit ***clip taken from
Neely Fuller Jr explaining how we need to stop asking for apologies and instead ask for compensation to rectify the damage. Visit ***clip taken from
Neely Fuller Jr explaining how racists keep dominating and mistreating people of color by controlling all 9 areas of activity.. Visit Mr Fuller jr’s website ***clip taken from
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