Secrets of World Control, by Jordan Maxwell. Who really runs the world? Who controls the money, the politics, and almost every facet of life without you knowing a thing about it? Is such a thing [More]
Do the Knowledge, Study and research. There are some negroes and Negropeans that wish to ban the word nigga just so that Tamahu and his world could continue the racism, oppression, deception, lies, corruption, synthetic [More]
This is a bit from my class, enjoy the science. For Herb Packs and all your magical tools. also email about occult classes Email: panicpack@hotmail
“The time is now to wake up to who u are” – Bobby Hemmitt and Brother Panic droppin science on the reality of our nature. Its not about Tamahu or the Negropians. Its about those [More]
James Smalls Contradicts himself and encourages PEOPLE TO KILL POLICE? #COINTEPRO
This presentation by Professor James Small served as an introduction to a discussion by Dr. Nteri Nelson of her new book “KaAbBa: The Great Pyramid is the Tree of Life: MerKaBa”.
First meeting of the Bring Back Black movement
Many of us are being fooled by the immigration policies of the #democraticparty. #BlackPeople must learn the rules of political maturity. These people are not always your friends. #Powernomics #UsToo #blackpower #drboycewatkins
On the Shoulders of Giants: Dr Anderson Black Economics and Reparations “Elements of Functional Communities: First, they should have an independent economy that is wholly owned by residents of the community and provides consumer products, [More]