The reality that is God is beyond the reach of the human mind and intellect. How can the mind understand something greater than itself? Therefore, the only way that we can realize God is by [More]
Dr. Welsing Teachings on Racism and white superemacy uncovered a lot of truth and facts about white peoples nature here on earth. May her faithful works live on through many that study her system of [More]
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Brother Against Brother: Black Activist Community Erupts in Flames – Intelligent Dialogue about the recent disputes, disruptions and discussion in the Conscious Community. Sa Ra Suten Seti, Umar Johnson, Polight, Tariq Nasheed, Sa Neter, Young [More]
WOW Dr. Umar Johnson Calls Out Seti Challenges Him And Doesn’t Hold Back! MUST SEE!!!! Umar Johnson goes all the way in on Sura Suten Seti and calls him out for a debate in Detroit. [More]
G Magic from Black Wall Street puts rumors of getting gunned down in Watts to rest
Black Wallstreet The Game ft. Juelz Santana & Jim Jones From the mixtape classic collabos